I have been living in Paris for more than 6 months now. It took me quite a while to figure out secrets to shop for ultimate cool French style. I am not talking about secrets of going into flagship luxury store and buying whatever ... I mean shopping secrets of real French women who dress always very chic, cool and look very effortless.

In movies and photos, these women are often portrayed as wearing stripes, trench coat... if it is even more cliché, they are even portrayed with red beret :) Truth is I have never seen single French person with a red beret walking in streets of Paris...

Pushing all these clichés aside, I realized that there are some commonalities to all these stylish French women like;

*They don’t go for cheap and low quality products.

*Very chic design and very high quality fabric is main component of French style.

*They do not follow trends, but rather opt for more timeless style.

And.... more importantly (if we ignore vintage shopping for a second because it is topic of another post:)), they mostly shop from couple of brands that reflect the elements I wrote above perfectly !

I have to tell you that these brands are not very cheap... But last week, I discovered something crazy ! These brands have stock shops that sell everything at half price !!! Those shops sell last season’s collections but since they always represent timeless style, colors and fabrics… they don’t look old or outdated at all.

Here are those amazing brands... And their biggest stock stores...

MAJE : Most Stylish


The biggest stock store: 92 Rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris

SANDRO : Finest Fabrics


The biggest stock store: 26 Rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris



The biggest stock store: 6 Rue de Marseille, 75010 Paris

BEL AIR : Cheapest

bel air paris.jpg

The biggest stock store: 22 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris

LES PETITES : Modern-Urban Sprit


The biggest stock store: 11 Rue de Marseille, 75010 Paris

EKYOG : Most Eco-friendly


The biggest stock store: 33 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris