In 2015, I was one of Szigetzens ! What a journey It was! For 7 days, I stayed at tent all along and I attended all the activities and etc.. I had amazing time but after the festival I was totally exhausted. It took me weeks to recover... So I decided to write a post that might help future Szigetzens ! I write this post so that you can have even more fun than I did but at the same time not make common mistakes everybody makes...

So Attention please !


  • Every year, main stage lineup of Sziget consists of most popular musicians of that year. But there are also around 60 other stages ! From Blues stage to Hungarian Folk Music stage, you have several options. Even though, you are not fan of that particular music genre, sometimes you might end up having more fun than ever ! (True Story) So,  make sure to check other stages, too.
  • Even though, Sziget Music festival is much cheaper compared to its closest rival Glastonbury, If you buy tickets at early bird stage, there is around 50 euros difference. So act early !
  • Sziget festival takes place at beautiful Obudai Island of Budapest. Every 30 minutes, there are boat services to city center from Obudai Island. It is a great option for transportation, plus city looks amazing from river. I think you should try it as a boat cruise even though you are not going to city center :)
  • Make sure to download Sziget Festival App. You can use it as a map, as a timetable and you can get detailed info about activities and musicians.
  • Besides having around 60 music stage, Sziget Festival offers countless activities like workshops, shows, movies etc. They are as entertaining as concerts ! Here are some of my favourites;

Hungaricum Village

Sziget Beach

Before I die Wall


Different Themed Parties Each Day


Afrikan Village

I-Ching Tent


And Many More...


  • Whatever you do, don't stay at the tent for 7 days. It is not humanly possible ... I stayed at one of the private camping areas, even so it didn't worked out the way I hoped. Only way It might work is VIP Camping option (only option with with decent bed and toilets) I am saying this because, you will get tired from walking and chasing activities all day all night and you wont be able to have rest at tent because it is very noisy. Plus, 7 days of toilet and shower queue might drive you crazy. So consider taking a break from tent by staying at city center 1 or 2 days.
  • If you search for humanly standards for toilet and bathroom, consider staying at private camping areas like siesta or alternative.
  • At Sziget Island, there are plenty of places that sell drinks and food. But nearly all of them are fast food. So if you have sensitive tummy,  consider visiting city center for eating some healthy food.
  • Don't try to chase all activities all over the Island or you might get exhausted like me.
  • Can you guess which booth have longest queues in front of them ? Thats right, charging stations! So do not forget to bring portable charging device ! It is the most essential thing !
  • If you want to buy some souvenirs from Sziget Festival, do not leave it to last day. Because all the good and cheap stuff gets picked at first days.
  • I saved the most important thing to last. All payments are made with Festipay card during Sziget Festival. You put your cash in it and don't have to worry about money until the festival ends. However,  if you lose your card you cant demand your remaining money back, if you don't have serial number. So the minute you get your card, take a picture of serials part !

Every "don't" article above is based on my experience and experience is the biggest teacher,  you know! I am happy to share them with you so you don't repeat same mistakes :)

P.S: In 2016, Sziget Festival is between 10-17 August.

Save the Date !

And Have lots of Fun :)